How to Get Rid of Slugs and Snails in organic gardening

Up to now,  I have talked about different gardening tips. So now you know how to get rid of most of pests which belongs to insect species. But what about the yucky slugs and snails who visit your beautiful tropical organic garden? Will the usual insecticides we have talked before, help us in controlling these types of pests?

Don’t worry, there are other pest controlling techniques which could help you in this case, regarding harm caused to your tropical plants by slugs and snails in your organic garden. We can put different types of barriers against slugs and snails…or we can trap them using some tricks. If they are already feasting on your organic plant, you have to remove them by yourself. They are yucky and sticky, so probably you going to pass it if I say you to remove with your fingers. So it would be much handy if you use an old spoon or even a stick to remove slugs from your tropical organic plants. Now let’s see how to control pests (slugs and snails) by using beer, newspapers, citrus rinds, eggshells, salt, sandpapers, clothes, cardboards, copper, and seaweeds. Keep reading my blog to have some knowledge on tropical organic gardening pest control by barriers and traps.


Traps and Barriers for snails and slugs

Traps and Barriers for snails and slugs


Barriers for Pest Control : Using Egg Shells

It seems to be true, if I say snails and slugs dislike dry eggshells. So you can use the remaining eggshells without wasting, most of organic wastes have their values out in the tropical gardening. After you had your eggs, you can collect it for later use. You can wash the eggshells to avoid the unwanted ants’ attraction to your organic garden. Then crush it and let it dry completely. You gonna need lots of eggshells in practicing this technique in your tropical gardening. So it might not be a best solution against slugs and snails. But you can keep collecting in a bottle, so once collected enough you can apply this technique to your tropical garden. You can make barrier rings around the most vulnerable organic plants… so the slugs and snails would turn away.


Barriers for Pest Control:Using Sandpapers and Salt

Roughness of sand papers will deter the slugs and snails crossing over to munch your organic plant. As how I mentioned above, you can also make a barrier around your tropical plants with sandpapers. Besides sandpapers and crushed eggshells, you can also use salt as a barrier against slugs and snails that disturb your organic gardening. The only drawback of using salt against pests is that salt also could bring bad effects on your tropical garden soil.


Barriers for Pest Control in Tropical Organic Garden: Using Copper wires

Exactly I’m not sure why these yucky slugs and snails are seriously scared of copper. We don’t have to worry much about why they act stupid against copper barriers, but we can happily get rid of them by making barriers of copper around our organic plants while gardening.


Barriers for Pest Control:  Using Seaweed

Seaweed is the best ingredient for an organic gardener to maintain a good tropical gardening. If you have access to a sea then the seaweeds are perfect for use as a barrier against slugs and snails. A pile of seaweed ring around your organic plants will deter the sluggish pests. Also with time it would decay and turn into a good compost for your tropical plants.

Traps for Pest Control: Citrus Rinds

You can use the waste of citrus fruit rinds (such as oranges, grapes, banana, etc…) as a useful trap for slugs in your tropical organic garden. Place the piles of upside down citrus rinds and the slugs will be feasting on it… we can remove it in the morning.

Traps for Pest Control: Newspapers, Clothes, Cardboards…

You can create fake shelters to the annoying slugs and snails who roam around your organic garden. Newspapers are a best option for transforming into slug or snails shelters. So after reading your daily news put them in your garden… so the pests will be happy about their new homes. Next morning you can see whether it’s collected and you can discard them where they would not be pests. Likewise, old clothes and cardboards would do the same pest control in your tropical organic garden.

I think now you are happy and ready for slug and snail hunt, aren’t you? But, don’t you feel some mercy towards these little slugs and snails? So besides actually killing them, you can trap them as said above and make use of snails and slugs. Now you might think how come pests are useful to us? They are capable of destroying baby leaves of our organic plants or making holes on our organic leaves. Also their presence will be demonstrated by the slivery lines or tracks they mark all over your plants. Disregarding all theses harmful side of these pests, you can actually trap them and make use of it by letting them feast on your compost piles or compost bins.

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Thanks for the good tips. I have found a lot under some rocks in my garden. I like the organic method of keeping them off the plants.

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