How to use tobacco as a pesticide in organic gardening

Is tobacco really bad for us? Smokers wont agree with it, so is organic gardeners.  I just wondered whether these cigarette butts can be used in organic gardening.  As a result of wondering and bit of research done lately, I figured it out that  so called nasty habit is a potential pest controller as well.

Tobacco as pesticide

Tobacco as pesticide

Besides using only cigarette butts, it is ideal to get access to tobacco plants. You can get it from stores which sell those kinds of plants. The best is to get a tobacco plant and grow them in your tropical organic garden. You can use it as a free smoke or to chew, at the same time to use as a organic pesticide. So let’s talk about how tobacco acts as good pesticide.

What make tobacco plant or cigarette butts great revenge against pest attacks?

The game doer in this gardening procedure is nicotine in the tobacco. Nicotine is capable of killing various types of pest attacks in your organic gardening including pest attacks on the tobacco plant itself. You probably know that tobacco is a drug . So when you spray it on your edible plant as a pesticide, it might get injected nicotine in to your edible plant parts. I would love it. But, people who are non-smokers wouldn’t appreciate it much. As well as if having children… well you probably don’t want to make them victims of nicotine. Now you know what matters in tobacco as a pesticide and you can take your own decisions whether to use this nicotine baby or pass it.

What you need to prepare tobacco tea to feed tropical organic gardening?

As I have mentioned in my previous articles, here also we use a spray bottle to get this onto our tropical organic plants in our garden.  Other than the spray bottle you will need tobacco leaves and stems, cigarette butts, biodegradable liquid dish soap, water, black pepper, coffee filter or a cloth, motor and pestle (or a grinder).

How to prepare tobacco tea?

Get dry leaves and stems of tobacco plant (avoid any infected leaves) and chop it and grind it to make a fine dust of tobacco either using a grinder or a motor and pestle. Add half a teaspoon of biodegradable liquid dish soap in to the spray bottle with water. Add all the tobacco dust and if have cigarette butts or even the entire nicotine in the cigarette in to the spray bottle of soap and water. Mix it well and add one teaspoon of black pepper into the spray bottle. Shake it well and let it steep overnight. To get rid of any residuals strain it through a coffee strainer or a piece of cloth. Also you can completely boil it to make a great nicotine tea to treat your tropical organic gardening crops.

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