Organic Gardening: How to kill weeds in an organic way?

Not only the insects and other pests, but also the weeds make our tropical organic gardens untidy and less healthy. What are these weeds? We are not talking about the cannabis :p. We are talking about the plants which have no use for us or our gardens. There may be many varieties of weeds that harm our gardens. In a tropical garden having weeds may lower the productivity of our organic crops. The problem of having weeds in the way of our organic gardening is that it grows faster than that of our valuable tropical garden crops. Weeds are competitors for the nutrition, soil, space and sunlight which are available for our organic gardening.

Organic weed control

Organic weed control

Killing weeds is a crucial part of tropical gardening. You may go to a gardening supplier shop and easily buy a chemical weedicide to get rid of weed invaders in your organic garden. But those chemical weedicides may bring much harm to you and your plants than for weeds. So we organic gardeners, let’s go organic and make ourselves some effective and inexpensive weedicides.

Vinegar as a organic weedicide

Household vinegar is a good solution to apply while gardening, to kill the weeds. White vinegar with 5% acetic acid (the killer component) is an effective weed killer for our organic gardens (You may go up to 20%). However, we should not use vinegar with high concentrations of acetic acid as it would harm our soil killing all the plants and probably no new crops will grown in that soil. It is because acetic acid could drop down the pH level of your tropical garden soil. Vinegar is able to kill the weeds by burning it, draining and ultimately killing.

Get a sprayer bottle or a garden sprayer, and pour 1 liter of vinegar. Add half a teaspoon of organic dish washer or organic soap water. It will make it efficient to adhere on to the weed plants. Close the sprayer and shake well before spray on the weeds. Be careful not to spray on yourself if the concentration of acetic acid is greater than 10% as it could burn you too. This is best to be used when good sunlight is shining upon your organic tropical garden.

Baking soda as a organic weedicide

Another good household organic thing is baking soda which also helps us organic gardeners in the process of gardening to eradicate weeds. First serve the weeds with some water, they’ll be happy. Haha… then bring the devil out. You have to be cautious not to harm your good organic crops with this baking soda treat. To get rid of the weeds near the organic crops which you have gardened, you can simply sprinkle some baking soda carefully on to the weed after watering them. Otherwise, in a place where you don’t have organic crops you can get a handful of baking soda and sprinkle on the area of weed plants. But baking soda on your soil may alter your soil pH. So just try to sprinkle only on the weed. Or else it would be more ideal to get a spray bottle and put water, baking soda and some dish soap. You can easily spray on weeds after a good shake.

Boiling water to kill weeds

This would be an inefficient way to eradicate weeds completely. But boiling water would burn any plant just like how it could burn us. So if other organic pesticides are unavailable at the moment, you can simply boil a pot full of water and put on the weeds invading your organic gardening process, be careful to avert burning yourself.

Flame and steam does kill weeds

In gardening supplier shops you may have come across flame/weed torches. For small gardens a torch with a can or for larger gardens, tanks with torch will be available in gardening supplier shops. Just like boiling water kills the weeds this also kills the weeds. After a good rain or just water your weeds with a water hose, glide over the torch on top of the weeds. It will boil the water on the weeds killing the weeds by burning.

Likewise, steam machines which are available at local supplier shops can be used to wipe out weeds from your organic garden. Hot steam works more or less similar to that of boiling water treat on weeds and flaming the weeds. It will burn the weeds. Just be cautious to avert from injuries to you, kids and pets.

Oil as a organic weedicide

Oil is the one of the best solution against the weeds which invades our tropical organic gardening. Oil will suffocate plants and kill them. In the presence of good sunlight, oil would burn the weed leaves. In my previous blogs I have talked about how neem oil would help organic gardening as a pesticide. It also has the property of being a weedicide. Likewise, citrus oil extract, pine oil, cinnamon oil, castor oil, thyme oil, clove oil, lavender oil and peppermint oil are some of the essential oils which we can use as to kill weeds in our organic gardens. Any biodegradable vegetable oil can be used as a weedicide. You can use a spray can and mix any of these oils with some dish soap. After a good shake, you can apply on weeds.

Corn gluten as a organic weedicide

Just like baking soda does, corn gluten and cornmeal can be used as a weedicide. But I will not recommend this, because it’s such a big waste of money and food when there is a food crisis going on some countries like Siberia. Let’s stick with other organic weed killers rather than being a selfish organic gardener.

Combo killer against weeds

I have listed above many potent solutions to kill weeds. So it would be very effective if we combine all those ingredients, making a super duper combo weed killer. You can combine vinegar, salt, baking soda, other oils and some dish soap in a sprayer can. Mix well and apply on the weeds on your organic garden.

Also there are organic weedicides (without chemicals) available in some organic gardening supplier shops. Read carefully the ingredients in the weedicide before buying it. Now go get rid of the weeds popping up in your tropical organic garden either with homemade organic weed killers or ready-made shop items.

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