What is ‘sugar apple’ & how to grow it in your tropical organic garden?

Sugar apple, this fruit is widely distributed among the world. But, you might not know this particular fruit by this name because it got many different names respect to the regions they grow. Scientific name for sugar apple is Annona squamosa L. Anoda, anona, sweetsop, rinon, ramphal, bull’s-heart, coeur de boeuf, kasjoema, custard apple, etc are some examples of how different regions in the world called this fruit “sugar apple”. By reading this blog post you can get to know about features of sugar apple, how to grow sugar apple, and what are the conditions favored by sugar apple when growing.

Sugar apple: How it looks like?

Sugar apple is a tropical organic type of plant. It is a low-growing semi-deciduous tree or broad shrubbery that grows between 3-7 m high, with spreading or open crown, confined by branches creating in the capricious shape. Young shoots grow zigzag and are grayish-waxy, foul when squashed. The leaves are simple and 5-11 cm long with 2-5 cm width. They are dark green on the top and light blue-green on the underside with smooth edges.

Sugar apple

Sugar apple

The sugar apple blooms are pendulous, axillary, bisexual and regularly single however can be two to four. Sugar apple blossoms are fragrant and have a green tint in outside and cream inside. These blossoms are 1 to 1/2 inch long and have six petals.

The sugar apple fruits are oval framed, from 5 to 12 cm in separation crosswise over of green-yellowish shading. Remotely the union of the carpels is reckless. The pound is white or yellowish between confining carpels with many seeds. It is having a sweet, fragrant, rich, and smooth flavor.

The seeds are oval, dim and shimmering, 1.25 cm long. The seed parts contain between 14 to 49% oil that is used as a substitute for peanut oil in the manufacture of soap.

How to grow sugar apple in your tropical organic garden?

A tropical organic garden would be much interesting if you get a sugar apple in your own little garden. Not only it adds some value to your tropical organic garden, but also it is a good medical fruit. If you already own a tropical sugar apple plant in your organic garden, comment below to share the experience with the rest of new gardeners.

You can grow sugar apple in your tropical organic garden in any of ways which I’m about to mention here in this tropical organic blog. One of the practical methods to grow sugar apple in your garden is to grow it by seed propagation. Or you can simply buy a grafted tree.

How to grow sugar apple from seed propagation?

Seed propagation is the most traditional way to grow sugar apple plant in your tropical organic garden. For that first, you should get a good sugar apple fruit. Cut it open and carefully collect all the seeds in that fruit. Wash carefully the seeds collected to remove any flesh adhere to the seed. Unless clean it clear the seeds tend to rot. Unlike in other plant seed germination, sugar apple seeds are well germinated when it is bit old than germinating freshly. However, the sugar apple seeds are prone to loss its viability after 6 months. So after wash it clean place on several tissue papers to dry it completely. After completely dry you can store the sugar apple seeds in a jar until the day you planned to germinate it.

Sugar apple

Sugar apple

It would take about 30 days to germinate sugar apple seeds. To speed up the sugar apple germination you can break the seed coat. You can break the seed coat easily by rubbing it on a sand paper.

Get a pot to germinate and fill it with a moist planting mix. Sugar apple seeds should be planted 3 cm into the moist planting mixture. Sugar apple seeds should be plant horizontally. Plants can be transplanted after they outgrow the pot.

How to grow sugar apple from a grafted tree?

This is an ideal method to grow a successful sugar apple plant in your tropical home garden. This is easier than that of seed propagation. You can buy a grafted sugar apple plant in from a nursery.  When planting a sugar apple tree, decide the depth and width of the hole you make on your ground by simply looking how big is the root ball and the width of the tree.

What are the requirements needed to grow a sugar apple tree in your tropical home garden?

Well as for any species growth need certain amount of requirements. Temperature, soil, climate, watering, and humidity are few essential requirements you should consider about before starting growing sugar apple plant in your garden in either way which mentioned before.

The ideal temperature to grow sugar apple plant would be between 50- 85 F. These sugar apple plants need adequate amount of water.  Sugar apple plants should be watered every 4 week while in the growing stage. During its flowering and fruiting it would need to be watered every 3-5 days. And a matured sugar apple plant should be watered every 15 day.  An ideal soil would be fertile, moisten, loose, slightly alkaline and with a good drainage. However, sugar apple can be grown in most of the types of soil as it is a tropical plant. Humidity above 60% should be maintained to have a successful sugar apple plant in your tropical organic garden.

How to hand-pollinate sugar apples to have a pleasant harvesting time?

Pollination is a crucial factor for a nice harvest on sugar apple fruits. Although it is crucial, natural pollination might be low yielding. You can try hand-pollinating them carefully to get more number of fruits on one harvest. All you need is a small brush. You should identify which is female stage (before fully opened) of sugar apple flowers and male stage (petals fully opened) sugar apple flowers. Carefully collect pollens with a brush and sprinkle on the female flower. If you don’t have a female flower blooming at the time you got pollen, you can save the pollens in a jar in a refrigerator for the future use.

Like any other plant in your tropical organic garden, you should fertilize, prune and take good care of your little sugar apple plants. Happy growing.

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