Tropical Gardening: A Coconut Tree


Being an organic lover you might have always wanted to add some additional tropical look to your home garden by growing tropical coconuts. You may have noticed most of the businesses related to tropical environments, hotels, blogs, etc. have been marketed with a picture of a coconut tree in their logos, banners or even in advertisements. For an example, you got my blog logo on the spot. It is always beautiful to have a coconut tree in my home garden. So why don’t you also grow some coconuts? Coconut tree contributes a lot in local tropical businesses. In many tropical countries which belong to Asia, Africa, Pacific Regions and Latin America, these coconut trees are grown. Although cold climates are not suitable to grow tropical coconut trees, people have managed to grow coconut trees in Florida and Hawaii regions. Sri Lankans, call it Kapruka. Coconuts are belonging to the family Arecaceae and its scientific name is Cocos nucifera L. Coconut tree is a treasure item in tropical gardening. Almost all the parts of coconut trees are valuable for specific purposes. Coconut fruits can be used to make oil, food items and milk for curry. Also young coconut are used to drink and the king coconuts used for medicines. Another benefit of coconut fruit is that it can be used for re-plantation, copra, and folk medicines. Coconut leaves can be used for fences, roofing, decorations, and to make mats, and cases. Coconut flowers also benefits us in decorations and in medicinal purposes. The base for toddy and arrack is coconut flower. Coconut shell can be used to make spoons, vases, ornaments, etc. Coconut husk is used to make coir. Coconut trunk is used for roofing, furniture, timer and firewood. So investing your valuable time on growing coconut trees in your home garden is never a waste. It will add more of tropical value to your home garden and you can use it for any of above purposes at no further cost. Having coconut trees in your home garden will give your home a tropical and a cool look. It will not only beautify with how it looks like, but also it will provide shade for your home garden. But be careful it might drop some coconuts on your head :p. Also by having a coconut tree at your home garden you can have the pleasure of observing how a coconut seed germinate and grow in to a tall coconut tree.


Coconut tree

Coconut tree

How to grow coconut tree tropical home garden?

coconut seeds for propagation

Growing a coconut tree(s) in your home garden is not a difficult thing to do. Coconut trees are propagated by the coconut fruit/nut/seed. You can get the coconut fruit from a neighbor who is already having coconut at their doorstep. Or else you can get it from someone who sells coconut for propagation.

Coconut propagation

The ideal seed for propagation should make a noise of coconut water in it when shaken. You can either germinate the seed in a pot or let it just germinate naturally in the soil. If you chose to grow in a pot or a bin, you should make sure it has a good drainage. Meanwhile, soak the coconut fruit in a water to encourage the germination. And make a layer of rocks at the bottom of the pot. Then add rich soil with coarse sand and vermicompost. Now, you can plant your coconut with husk half a way in to the soil mixture. It should be the rear end of the coconut which goes in the soil mixture. You should make sure coconut plant is having a proper drainage and you should water it occasionally without overdoing. Also the bright sunlight on young coconut plants are not that good, so give it some shade till get matured. It takes few more months to produce sprouts. After the root system has grown, you can transplant it into your desired spot on your tropical home garden.

Coconut transplantation

Pick a place with good drainage and sunlight to transplant your coconut plant. Dig the garden ground and make it perfect with drainage and compost. Then carefully remove the coconut plant from the pot/ bin you used before to germinate it. Still with the rich soil in it carefully transplant it into the prepared garden ground. Cover the roots with rich soil and, water it and add organic fertilizers from time to time. You got to improve your patience to harvest your first set of coconuts from the plant. Coconut trees are said to be the “Trees of three generations”.

Coconut harvest

Once your coconut tree has reached the maturity it will blossom. And with time it will give you coconuts. You can identify maturity of coconuts by the color of it (brown is matured) also if no sound is produced when shake it is matured. You can pluck coconuts by hiring someone who can climb the coconut tree. In some countries, monkeys were trained to pluck and collect ripen coconuts. When its ripe coconuts naturally fell off the tree, which is ideal for next set of propagation seeds. Now you can propagate the next batches of coconut in a row of seedbeds. Then you can grow more coconuts in your home garden or sell as tropical and organic coconut seeds for propagation.

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